An East Colfax staple since 2001, Solera is a charming neighborhood restaurant with the feel of a warm country home. Inspired by Spanish farmhouse cuisine, Chef/Owner Goose Sorenson offers his refined take on traditional Spanish, French, Italian, and Mediterranean dishes. He uses time-honored techniques like slow roasting and braising to coax out rich flavors in his accessible yet sophisticated menu. The relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and one-of-a-kind outside patio is complemented by a world-class wine list and friendly professional service.


Goose Sorensen is probably one of the most accomplished chefs ever to come out of Wyoming. It’s arguable how much that says, of course, but such a starting point is perhaps appropriate as an expression of the nature of the chef’s career trajectory. Fortunately, it’s been up, and looking upward.

He began his culinary life as the cook for a fraternity house in Wyoming, and became ambitiously determined to advance his career while stationed there. So spurred his move to Denver, where he started his job as a potato fryer at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and worked to get his culinary degree at the Colorado Institute of Art. A series of fruitful gigs in Denver followed, including working under chef Michael Degenhart at the city’s late Tante Louise.

Eventually, a new career path opened up. He was appointed to be chef at Starfish in Cherry Creek, and before long he bought control of it and ran it himself for a few years. But then, looking for rest, he moved back to Wyoming for a while before he felt the need for another move: this time, to New York. He became a chef at Aquavit which, in a tragic instance of bad timing, closed in the wake of 9/11. So, Sorenson decided after that, back to Denver.

There he was finally able to acquire a place and open up his own restaurant: Solera Restaurant & Wine Bar in the East Colfax area. It’s since acquired a reputation as one of the city’s finest restaurants, where Chef Goose ceaselessly innovates and creates exciting new dishes in his New American style. Goose Sorenson, without a doubt, has proved that a chef with an unusual, waterfowl-inspired name can become one of the most acclaimed culinary personalities in Denver.